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Wizard Hollow Event Guide with Useful Tips and Tricks

What is the Wizard Hollow event in Dragon City?

The Wizard Hollow event is a special activity in Dragon City MOD APK that takes place on a permanent mini-game island. It gives players the chance to collect an exclusive dragon that resides in the hollow itself. The event revolves around a game of chance and rewards, where players navigate through 50 different rooms, each containing four orbs.


Players must find four orbs in each room, and each orb contains a random prize. The objective is to tap on one of the orbs to collect a prize. However, there is a twist to the game. Starting at room 5, helpers are introduced and more helpers appear as the player progresses. If a player touches an orb containing a wizard, the game ends and they lose their accumulated rewards.


Wizard Hollow event rewards can vary and include Food, Gems (ranging from 2 to 15), Gold, and Runestones which are used for Limited Collection Chests. It’s important to note that meeting a wizard will end the mini-game and break your streak.

How to play the Wizard Hollow event?

Before embarking on this magical journey, it’s crucial to understand the rules and dynamics of the game. Pay special attention to tapping the orbs carefully, as making the wrong choice can end your game prematurely.

Progress in the rooms:

As you progress past room 5, wizards are introduced, adding an extra challenge to the game. Wizards are hidden in orbs, and tapping on an orb that contains a wizard will abruptly end the game, causing you to lose all the rewards you have collected.

Avoid Wizards:

The main challenge is to avoid the wizards hidden in the orbs. As the game progresses, more wizards are introduced, increasing the level of difficulty. The key is only to proceed with caution and choose your orbs carefully.

Wizard Hollow Event Tips & Tricks:

Maximize rewards:

An important tip for playing the Wizard Hollow event is to simply focus on maximizing your rewards. Strategically tap orbs to collect valuable prizes like gems and runestones while avoiding wizards.

Management of Assistants:

Dealing with wizards effectively is vital in this game. Since encountering a wizard ends the game, proceed with caution and make smart decisions when selecting orbs.

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Using the Revive function:

Reviving in the game can be quite expensive in terms of gems, so it’s essential to use this feature wisely. It is recommended to quit the game after the free reroll if you do not have at least 200 gems or a maximum of 1200 gems.

Common Gamer Concerns and Misconceptions:

The misconception of the 25% chance:

Some players have the wrong idea of the 25% chance of encountering wizards in each room. They reported that the chances of encountering wizards seem to increase significantly in the later stages of the game, especially around rooms 47, 48, and 49.

The problem of the cost of gems:

Many players have expressed concerns about the high gem costs associated with the event, especially when it comes to reviving. Some players have reported needing to spend up to 600 gems to reach the top, leading to debates on whether the event was worth the cost.

General player dissatisfaction:

The Wizard Hollow event has come under criticism from some players as it has issues such as the high cost of gems and perceived inconsistencies in the odds of encountering wizards that have caused some players to be unhappy.


Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding it, the Wizard Hollow event in Dragon City offers a unique and captivating gaming experience. It tests your luck, strategy and decision-making skills. While this may not suit everyone’s tastes, it does add variety to the landscape of Dragon City. Remember that each game has its own strategies and secrets, and the more you play the better you become.


1. What is Wizard Hollow event in Dragon City Mobile Game?

The Wizard Hollow event is a permanent mini-game island where players must collect exclusive dragons. The event went through 50 rooms each containing four orbs with rewards or hidden wizards.

2. How to play the Wizard Hollow event?

Players tap one of four orbs in each room to win a prize during the Wizard Hollow event. The challenge is to avoid tapping an orb containing a wizard, as this will end the game.

3. What are the rewards of the Wizard Hollow event?

Wizard Hollow event rewards include gold, food, runestones, and gems. Meeting a wizard ends the game and breaks the player’s streak.

4. Why do some players dislike the Wizard Hollow event?

Some players are showing dissatisfaction with the event due to the high cost of gems, especially for revives, and a perceived inconsistency in the chances of encountering wizards.

5. Is the Wizard Hollow event worth playing?

The value of playing the Wizard Hollow event depends on player preference and gem availability. Players who like a challenge and have extra gems to spare to provide a unique and exciting experience.

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