Tropical Puzzle Island B Event Guide

Tropical Puzzle Island B Event Guide





Rewards Strategy

On Puzzle Islands you can unlock cool new dragons. There is a special track reserved for dragons, so it’s best to focus on unlocking them. The other rewards aren’t as exciting and you’ll unlock them automatically by playing Puzzle Island.

Make smart gestures

When playing, prioritize matching colors that match the rewards you want to unlock. This way, your moves will directly contribute to unlocking these rewards. If you run out of favorite matches, try matching with other colors further down the puzzle. Falling blocks can create additional matches and combos as other blocks fall into place.

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Get extra moves

Every 4 hours you can claim free moves. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and claim as many free moves as possible. Keep in mind that the timer for free moves is set to 4 hours, unlike coin events where there is a specific window to claim the currency. Failure to claim your free moves will eat away at the event time and you will have to wait another full 4 hours for the next batch of free moves. To be more efficient, you can set a timer on your phone to remind you to collect Puzzle Moves!

Wait to claim gold/food

If you know you will soon need to “claim 1 million gold” or any other resource, try not to claim it until it is required for the puzzle quest. This applies to League Battles, Quests, Claiming Food, and Feeding Dragons. By thinking ahead and planning accordingly, you can save time during the Puzzle event.

Take your time

Since moves are limited, take a moment before each move to see if there is a better option available. Sometimes you can break a special block which will cause more desired blocks to disappear compared to just matching three blocks in a row.

Combine special blocks

Unlike games like Candy Crush and other “match 3” games, combining the ultimate power-up (5 in a row) with other special blocks won’t create huge combos. Instead, the special block will become a normal block and all blocks of that color will be cleared normally. In our opinion, the best combination is line energizing with explosion energizing. This will clear three rows of puzzle blocks in the direction indicated by the powering up of the row.

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