Maze Island

Scaly Maze Island Event Guide




Collect Maze Pieces

When playing Dragon City during the Maze event, you can collect 600 Maze Coins every 8 hours. You can get these coins by collecting gold, food, feeding your dragons, and breeding dragons. After each action, you will notice that a maze icon appears. Once you have collected 600 maze pieces, the icon will stop appearing. If you want more coins for Maze Island, you’ll have to wait for the next collection window.

Paths of the Dragons

To plan which dragons you want to get, you can use this guide. Each dragon has its own path that you must unlock. By clicking on a dragon, you can see the number of keys you need to unlock its path and the specific details of that dragon’s path. It is important to be aware that battles sometimes come to the end of a dragon’s path and take a long time to complete. If you decide to fight, the necessary maze pieces for this dragon’s path will be deducted.

Retarded Dragons

Some dragons become available later in the event. If you spend too many maze coins at first, these dragons might surprise you. This guide provides information on all upcoming dragons so you can plan ahead. Keep in mind that some dragons may not be visible at the start of the event.

How to spend coins

The best strategy is to wait until you have enough coins for the dragons you want, taking into account how long the battles will take, and then start unlocking those dragons. It should also be noted that there may be other events happening simultaneously that require certain dragons to participate, such as time-limited quests or Dragon Rescue events.

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