Habitats in Dragon City

Habitats in Dragon City – Everything you need to know about Habitats

Dragon City is a famous game played all over the world by players of all ages especially children and young people. This game can be played on almost all operating systems like on your mobile phone or computer. The main part of this game is actually the dragons how you can breed and inhabit your dragon. The most exciting features of the game are breeding, feeding, tournaments, hatching, quests and battles. Players can also purchase powerful versions of dragons from the store using their real money. In this article we will discuss all types of dragon habitats and how you can create the perfect homes for your dragons to grow.

About Dragon Habitats

It is important to have a good home for your dragons where they can find food and shelter. Creating fantastic habitats for your dragons is an essential aspect of the game. You can use the available space to construct buildings and towers to create the perfect habitat for your dragons where they can live. Dragons need a safe and comfortable space to grow more powerful. Players can also purchase additional in-game space to build habitats, farms, and other structures to meet their dragon needs. Buildings and towers are essential to their good health. So you have to create perfect homes for your dragons in Dragon City as this is the main part of the game.

Types of habitats in Dragon City

Habitats are actually homes for dragons to live in so dragons can grow better in better habitats. There are also different types of dragons so different types of dragons have different habitats that’s why you need to select a habitat according to your dragons. The main types of dragons are mentioned below.

  • Natural habitats
  • Magical Habitats
  • chaotic habitats
  • Dark Habitats
  • Marine environments
  • Aeolian environments
  • Light habitats
  • Electric Habitats
  • Pure Habitats
  • Terrestrial habitats
  • Playful habitats
  • Primary habitats
  • Flame Habitats

You can train your dragons in your dragon habitat and make them into fighting machines. This game is so magical and attractive that everyone can enjoy this game without any hesitation. When you raise your dragons in a good habitat they will become more powerful and stronger and they will always be ready to fight any dragon from other players. Dragon City offers a wide range of habitats for each type of dragons. If you need special habitats you can also get them from a game store using your real money.

Special Event Habitats in Dragon City

Some special habitats are only available during events and quests that you will only get during events. The best special habitats you can get are listed below.

  1. Hawaiian habitat
  2. Aztec habitat
  3. Dojo habitat
  4. Western habitat
  5. Viking habitat
  6. Zombie habitat
  7. Santa’s habitat
  8. Dungeon Habitat


Build your own Dragon City through your imagination filled with various dragons, habitats, buildings and farms. You can get exciting rewards by participating in different events like arenas and PvP tournaments where you can showcase your mighty legendary dragons. Dragon City is a wonderful opportunity to turn your dreams of having a city filled with mighty dragons into reality.

Download the app from genuine app store like Google Play Store or iOS App Store for any of your devices and transform yourself into a magic dragon world. When you start playing the game you will get hours of entertainment due to their engaging gameplay.

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