Intensive Farming

Guide to Intensive Farming – Tips and Tricks

As a Dragon City player, feeding your dragons is a crucial part of the game. With so many different dragon species to collect and train, having enough food is essential for success. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you improve your food production and manage it efficiently in Dragon City.

Understanding food production:

Food production is a key part of Dragon City, and it’s important to understand how it works. Your farms determine how much food you can produce. When you start the game you will have a farm and as you progress you can unlock more.

Each farm has a maximum capacity which is the total amount of food it can store, so you need to plant crops and harvest them when they are fully grown. The food you get from each harvest depends on your farm level and the crop you have planted.

Upgrading your farms is crucial as it not only increases the maximum capacity but also reduces the time it takes for crops to grow. Investing in your farms will maximize your food production. You can also use the food calculator to track your progress.

Keep your habitats full:

Another way to increase your food production is to keep your dragon habitats full. Each habitat produces food per hour, so the more habitats you have, the more food you can produce. Upgrading your habitats is also important, as higher level habitats generate more food per hour.

When choosing habitats to build, consider the types of dragons you have. Different habitats suit different species of dragons, so having a variety of habitats will meet all of your dragons’ needs.

Participate in events:

Dragon City frequently holds events that offer additional food and rewards. These events involve tasks such as breeding specific dragon species or winning battles. Participating in these events can earn you extra food to feed your dragons.

Keep an eye on the Dragon City calendar to see when events are scheduled. Some events only last a few days, so act fast to make the most of them.

Manage your food carefully:

Proper food management is crucial to ensure you always have enough to feed your dragons. Prioritize your feeding schedule starting with the highest level dragons. This way you can ensure that your most valuable dragons are always well fed.

Regularly monitor your food reserves and production rates. Make sure you have enough food on hand and focus on increasing your food production if you run out of food.

Watch ads for free food:

Dragon City has the ability to watch ads in exchange for free food, which can quickly increase your food production. So all you have to do is click on the “Free Food” button which is in the lower left corner of the screen and select “Watch Ad”. to see a short advertisement. After the ad ends, you will receive a free food bundle.

Use your friends:

In Dragon City, you can connect with friends and exchange gifts, including food. If you have friends who play the game, consider exchanging food gifts with them. It’s a great way to quickly increase your food supply while helping out your friends at the same time.


Feeding your dragons in Dragon City is vital and with these tips you can improve your food production and management. Keep your habitats full, participate in events, manage your food carefully, and focus on farming. Doing so will ensure that your dragons grow and thrive in the game.

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