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Start: Saturday 03-Jul-2023 03:00 PM (15:00)End: Wednesday 10-Jul-2023 02:59 PM (14:59)

Cheats for Forge Freedom Grid Island Collect Grid Coins

During the Grid event in Dragon City, you can collect 600 Grid Coins every 8 hours. You earn these coins by performing actions such as collecting gold, collecting food, feeding your dragons, and breeding dragons. After each action, a grid icon will appear indicating that you have earned Grid Coins. Once you have collected the maximum of 600 coins for the 8 hour period, the grid icon will no longer appear. To collect more coins for Grid Island, you will have to wait for the next collection window.

Other Ways to Collect Grid Coins

There are other ways to collect Grid Coins indirectly. This can be watching ads on Dragon TV, completing temporary quests, or opening specific quests. This guide does not take into account grid coins obtained by these methods, so the good news is that you can probably collect more coins than mentioned above!

Navigate the path

Grille Island has only a few paths. By guiding your dragon through the grid, you will unlock rewards. Before encountering each dragon, you will need to complete a series of battles. Keep in mind that battles take time to complete before you can unlock a dragon.

Unlike other islands, you don’t need to spend any Grid Tokens if you want to go back to the Grid Island. This means you can prioritize the things you want and use the leftover coins to get the items you missed. This feature is useful when you want to manage battle timers first and come back to them later. However, in events like Fog Island, you have to spend coins to go back.

Do you have a map?

No, you don’t need a separate card. You are on the correct page, which displays all the grid paths. To see the rewards in each chest, simply click on the corresponding chest image in our user-friendly map.

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