Currencies used in Dragon City

Currencies used in Dragon City

Dragon City is a truly enjoyable game filled with magical features and elements that capture the hearts of gamers. You can enjoy the game in many ways such as going through specified levels to get new dragons in the store. Thus collecting many dragons allows you to send them into battle against other dragon masters like you. In this article we will talk about the different currencies used in the game.


Currencies are key to success in Dragon City as they allow players to purchase food for their dragons and players can also purchase powerful dragons from the store which they can engage in battles with other dragon masters. Players will not be able to progress in the game and they have limited gaming experience without currencies. The standard version of the game, therefore offers several ways to earn currencies like gems and gold. Players can participate in battles and tournaments to earn those valuable items which are essential for developing their overall gameplay. Currencies such as gems and gold play a vital role in Dragon City and those who know how to use them correctly can greatly increase their gameplay.


Food is a key element in Dragon City that every dragon needs to grow and get stronger that’s why players can grow fruits and vegetables in farms to feed and breed their dragons so they can get dragons hybrids and legendary for extreme combat. Players can collect unlimited food from the store in Dragon City using gems and gold to feed their dragons which allows them to level up and get stronger to participate in tournaments and PvP battles against other players but some dragons like Sea and Pure can only eat seafood. which can be generated by specific habitats like sea habitats.


Gems are among the most valuable and beneficial currencies in Dragon City because every player needs gems to progress in the game and create a magical city. Players can purchase powerful dragons from the store and engage in battles with other dragon masters with gems. Gems also help players to level up faster which is incredibly beneficial to progress in the game. Although getting gems might be difficult in the previous version of the game there are many ways to get them in the standard version for example players can enter tournaments to earn gems as rewards then collect food to earn points and unlock dragon levels by using gems. Players can log in daily to get a free gem or unlock the magnificent Jewel Tower after reaching level 12 which provides a free gem upon unlocking. Although gems are an important currency in Dragon City for players, they should use them carefully to make their dragon city more beautiful.


Gold is one of the most valuable currencies in Dragon City. Gold plays the role of money in the game where players can use gold for various things like buying food for their baby dragons. Gold is easy to collect in the game by breeding dragons and after participating in battles by completing tasks. Players can build a fantasy dragon city by purchasing buildings and other accessories that can improve their gameplay with a sufficient amount of gold that’s why gold is an important resource in Dragon City and if you want it using it correctly will automatically improve your overall performance.

Ad currencies

Players can also use ads as in-game currency. Watching ads can provide benefits such as speeding up the breeding process and egg hatching. Players can use ads to continue the fight or give their last dragon another fighting chance in case they lose a battle. This advertising currency is a useful alternative for players who do not have enough gems to progress in the game.

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