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CULTURE RUN Runner Island

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Start: Saturday 08-Jul-2023 03:00 PM (15:00)
End: Wednesday 12-Jul-2023 02:59 PM (14:59)

Runner Island tips for a better experience

How does Runner Island work?

Runner Island is a fun mini-game where you use Runner tokens to play a side-scrolling game. The goal is to collect as many Windmills as possible while collecting other rewards along the way. The gameplay is similar to the popular Subway Surfers app. You swipe up and down to change lanes and tap the screen to jump over small obstacles.

How can you get Runner Tokens?

Every 8 hours, new missions appear on Runner Island. By completing these tasks, you earn Runner Tokens which you can use to play the mini-game. These missions are similar to those found in the Heroic Race.

My Runner Island is very slow!

Unfortunately, Runner Island may have performance issues on older phones. If you’re having significant trouble, it might be best to use someone else’s phone. I used to face similar issues before updating my phone.

What is the best way to collect gold for Runner Island tasks?

The most efficient way to collect gold is to have more habitats. Each time you collect gold, you have a chance to get an item. Also, having more gold in your habitat increases your chances of finding gold. You can easily tell when your habitat is full of gold because the gold icon will no longer be transparent. Collecting gold is one of the easiest ways to collect items on Runner Island. Remember that more habitats means more opportunities to get items while collecting gold. Another way to increase your gold collection is to power up your dragons. Save your bonuses for Runner Island tasks that require dragon empowerment. Prioritize dragons that generate the most gold per minute. Keep in mind that the increase in gold per level halves once a dragon passes level 10. Generally, rarer dragons tend to yield more gold per minute. However, focusing only on terra habitats is not a good long-term strategy as it becomes less effective once the Runner Island event is over.

What is the best way to collect food for Runner Island tasks?

To collect food efficiently, repeatedly buy the cheapest food option. Every time you collect food there is a chance to get an item, so be sure to choose the 50 gold option at each food farm and do it quickly. The more food you buy, the more items you are likely to get. However, larger foods take much longer to grow and claim. This is why it is advisable to stick with the 50 gold option called “Backyard Gardener”. By collecting food more frequently, you increase your chances of obtaining items. If you still want to grow bigger food options, you can consider buying an expensive food option that takes 9, 12, or 24 hours. During this time, you can use the remaining farms to continuously browse the collection of 50 gold foods.

What is the best way to breed dragons for Runner Island tasks?

The most efficient way to breed dragons is to use Terra Dragons together. It may take several attempts and failures, but it’s the fastest way to get multiple items. Once you have successfully raised Terra Dragons:

You can sell hatched eggs (if you don’t need hatching items). Alternatively, you can place them in Terra Habitats and feed them later. Expect to make 30-40 breeding attempts for each item. It takes perseverance! Alternatively, you can choose the slower spawn method with longer spawn times to guarantee an item, but keep in mind that other players may progress faster while you do this. A long-term goal is to unlock all three available spawning areas as they become accessible through gems earned by completing rewards or surveys. However, this can be a long process, or you can choose to spend money, even if it’s not the best use of your funds. Breeding more frequently gives you more chances to get items.

What is the best way to hatch dragons for Runner Island tasks?

The most efficient way to hatch dragons is to use Terra Dragons that you have previously bred. Again, this may take multiple attempts and failures, but it’s the fastest way to get multiple items. Expect to hatch 30-40 times for each item. If you prefer a slower approach, you can use other long-lasting eggs to guarantee an item, but be aware that other players may progress faster than you. Try to unlock all three available breeding areas and upgrade your hatchery to accommodate 5 eggs at a time when they become available. If you manage to unlock all the breeding buildings and hatchery locations, place them close to each other, preferably near the second island due to the breeding sanctuary.

What is the best way to feed the dragons for Runner Island?

To optimize this event, register a group of low-level dragons specifically for feeding tasks. If you pick dragons that would already level up with food, you can’t go wrong. Alternatively, if food isn’t an issue, you can feed low-level Terra Dragons you’ve hatched in previous missions. The lower the dragon’s level, the less food it needs, although it becomes more luck-based in obtaining items. I have found that powering up level 1 dragons to level 6 requires little food but can yield 5-6 items. Outside of these events, a useful strategy is to keep newly acquired dragons at level 1 and only power them when power tasks appear during events. This approach helps accomplish the task efficiently since these dragons had to be fed anyway.

What is the best way to complete PVP league battles for Runner Island?

To complete the PVP league battles for Runner Island race, make sure your dragons are fully powered up. Also, make sure you always have a full set of 3 charges available to complete League Battles. Sometimes League Battles can be difficult, especially when other players have powerful or heroic dragon teams at high levels. You can decide if you want to reset your League Battles or not. Resetting will provide you with a new set of opponents to face but will not refresh your charges. Only gems and defeating all opponents will refresh your battle limit. You can also work to unlock the 6th Dragon Tower (Instance W – 20%+ Health and Damage) as it makes this task a bit easier. Make sure you only complete the required number of League Battles and avoid going over the limit, as waiting for your League Meter to refill can slow you down.

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